Extempore setup on Mac OS X 10.8

These are some instructions on how to get extempore and some external libraries running with Mac OS X 10.8.


Get a binary from the github page. Also clone the project and place the extracted binary in the root directory of the cloned repository. Just execute the binary in a terminal.


Clone my version and build with cmake.

Horde3d rendering engine

Get svn version as the last version (1.0.0-beta5) won’t build in Mac OS 10.8:

svn co https://horde3d.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/horde3d/trunk horde3d

Build with cmake:

cd horde3d
mkdir build; cd build
cmake ..
# no make install, so just copy frameworks to the appropriate places
sudo cp -R Horde3D/Source/Horde3DEngine/Horde3D.framework /Library/Frameworks/
sudo cp -R Horde3D/Source/Horde3DUtils/Horde3DUtils.framework /Library/Frameworks/

Set new-horde to #t in libs/external/horde3d.xtm.

In the horde3d_knight.xtm example, the horde resources_path should point to

(bind-val resources_path i8* "/path/to/svn/repo/Horde3D/Binaries/Content")

Also you have to replace the h3dAdvanceEmitterTime function by h3dUpdateEmitter and you have to add a call to h3dUpdateModel in the mainLoop function, e. g. here:

(h3dSetModelAnimParams _knight 0 (* (dtof (* 0.5 _at)) 24.0) 24.0)
(h3dUpdateModel _knight 1) ;; make the knight move

Then happy knighting 🙂

Bullet physics engine

Install it with brew, but make sure you build the shared libraries:

brew install bullet --shared --build-extra

Set _extended_bullet to #f in libs/external/bullet.xtm. The example currently doesn’t work without the _extended_bullet functions.


Just follow the instructions in the library file ( libs/externals/fft.xtm ).


Install with brew.