Current projects

Past projects

  • Master’s thesis (source code).
  • Concerto for Duck and Orchestra (2013-2014): Audiovisual performance with self-made sensor-controlled instrument using an Arduino board for sound synthesis.
  • Video for Esther A. Romero’s Q79.2 (2012): Video for a piece for tape, video and bass.
  • Benoît and the Mandelbrots’ BeeNoir (2011/12): Interactive livecoding game controlled by a website.
  • Tune XI (2011) and Tune X (2010): Experimental computer games processing live sound input.
  • GimpOSC (2010): Experimental GIMP plugin to send and receive image data as OSC to e. g. SuperCollider.
  • Assistent composer at I-X-Herculean (2010).