Got a Mac (the obligatory rant from a full-time (now probably part-time) linux user)

Yesterday I got my first MacBook… I was kind of sceptic about buying one but in the music biz it’s often helpful to have Mac OS… or at least Windows. But choosing between these two is not that hard if you are into the unix way I think. And why not, the hardware specs are ok, build quality really good compared to my old Fujitsu-Siemens consumer piece of craptop. And the wifi is working 😀 — a huge improvement because somehow this was the only thing really damaged after I had a little biking accident with my last one on the back.

So, first 24 hours with Mac OS X, and I have to say that it’s ok. It sucks less than Windows XP for sure, but XP is old and I haven’t used anything after that. And it is definitely more polished than most linux distributions. Right now Apple Mail is still struggling with my huge gmail inboxes… trying to get all 61488, correction: 61522, mails in the one for the mailing lists, and sometimes giving the cpu a hard time.

Another thing is this duplicates-business with iTunes: somehow I had some duplicate albums and wanted to get rid of them and all one can find from a quick google are dudes that want 15-30 dollars (real money!) for their apps to remove those… but iTunes has Ping, who needs a function like this anyways? And iTunes has a menu item that changes when you hold down the option/alt/strange symbol-key… user-friendliness? hci-guidelines?

Another thing is the implementation of my keyboard layout (neo2) really lacks behind the linux version: on a german keyboard there is a key for “#” on the home row right left of the return-key and this is used as another modifier. Works great on win/lin but on the Mac just works for one symbol at a time.

Some things on the other hand are really, really nice: f. e. the ability to use readline/emacs keyboard shortcuts nearly consistently in text fields or that Mac OS tries to find an app in the App Store when you try to open an unsupported file format etc. etc.

So let’s see whether I will find the time to install some linux goodness or will end up blogging about the upcoming revolutionary iProducts while nipping on a chai latte in the most indie café in town…