Live Coding @ #UNPITCH_ Action_2

A recording of a live coding duo performance I did last year with Shelly Knotts, using SuperCollider and a lot of feedback…

Revisiting pd and…: something changed!

Never saw that one coming: pd 0.43 has support for gui plugins written in tcl. You can find them in an extra category on the homepage and can install them like normal externals and helpfiles!

A recent addition to this is an auto-complete plugin… this was done in DesireData, an alternative gui for pd, but the project somehow never went anywhere as far as I could tell.

I’m really happy that such additions are finally possible in the main distribution and hope that some exciting plugins will be created, perhaps making pd a more pleasant experience to use without so much mouse wiggling.

What I also found in my search for effective pd livecoding techniques (i found nothing…) was a performance by jeraman named “Ada 2.0”, which is visually really nice and sounds better than I imagined from the concept. He uses a library called pyata, which he wrote, to manipulate pd objects from within python. I haven’t tested it, but it sure looks interesting and it’s nice to know that something like this exists 🙂