Thunderbird 5 folder pane and Mac OS X 10.7 (aka Lion)

Due to the new window resizing feauture of Lion, there is as strong possibility that one can’t get the folder pane back in Thunderbird if it snaps shut (because you will resize the window, not reopen the pane at the left border). One can re-enable it by editing the file in session.json in the profile directory (~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/*.default/session.json) and replacing “folderPaneVisible”:false with “folderPaneVisible”:true. This should probably be done with Thunderbird closed. Upon reopen, the folder pane should be back.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the next Thunderbird version…

Synced PDF-Viewer for Emacs TeXing on the Mac

As I was quite annoyed with Preview’s slow reload time, I found SyncTeX.
With it, one can sync CarbonEmacs and many other editors with the PDF-viewer Skim flagyl tablets online. Skim thus allows you to shift-command-click in the PDF and it will take you to that exact line in the .tex-file in your editor of choice. Nice! Just don’t forget to start the emacs server (M-x server-start) and ensure that the right emacsclient binary is in the $PATH or the Skim settings… and then: happy TeXing 🙂