Chemical Algorave this weekend

I turned my protein sonification plugin into an interface to my mad Pd patch for the Algorave on Saturday. Here is a little preview:

Algorave 5th birthday set

I did a live set as part of the 24h 5th birthday celebrations. The stream was immense fun, lots of great performances there, really worth checking out. Unfortunately YouTube messed up resulting in a couple of streams including mine not being archived, so after hoping for some time that YouTube would pull through I redid my part today (trying to retrace every mouse movement from last week):

Technically I’m using iemguts to move boxes around and do automatic connections based on proximity in Pure Data and play samples included with Tidal. Beware that there seem to be no signal connections between things as I’m just using control messages that set [receive~] targets, so instead of sending audio I’m sending where to read audio from.

Thanks to Alex and Shelly for organising and to Anny for sorting out the videos and placing them in a neat playlist!

Cleaning up (I): PD Minesweeper

As part of a stupid bet, 2.5 years ago cappel:nord, a max user and me tried to clone minesweeper in our then-weapon of choice (supercollider, max and pd). cappel:nord/supercollider was fastest, but I managed to get a 10×10-version together… As I wasted some hours on this, I want to document it here to ensure, that if in the future someone claims to be the first to implement minesweeper in pd, I can point to this blog post 😀

There are still some bugs and the code could probably be better, but it was fun 🙂

You need pd+zexy or pd-extended for it. Here is the code: pd-minesweeper.pd